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Weddings Hire Essex | London - Minibus IT

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Weddings are the one of the most memorable moments of a persons life and can be very stressful. Here at Minibus IT we will make sure that your special day goes as smoothly as possible. We are able to transport you to any venue in and around London, making it one of the most comfortable journeys and one to remember. Our drivers always arrive at the allocated location 15-30 minutes before the booking to ensure that everyone is on schedule so you can enjoy your day!

Why Choose Us?

No matter what you need, we give excellent solutions, and if you want to know, we are trusted by many customers. We are committed to meeting travelers' unique needs easily and at affordable prices.

Excellent Customer Service

Numerous positive internet reviews for us attest to its dependability.

Price Match Guarantee

Price-matching promise. When feasible, we'll offer to match or beat any quote.

Full Refund

Any reservation revoked 7 days prior to departure will receive a full refund.

Maintained Vehicles

All are vehicles are renewed and maintained for a period of time.

Pool of Professional & Experienced Drivers

We have a team of highly efficient, licensed, qualified drivers to cater your all needs.

Easy Payment

Not everyone has the same payment options. Together, we'll determine the quickest solution.

Last Minute Booking

Not an issue. Within an hour, we can be anywhere in London. Don't worry if others let you down.

Whatsapp Chat

Chat to a agent directly from your phone with lightening speed. This is most easy and fastest way online.